Additional services with skylifting

A skylift is a personnel lift on a truck chassis, with a mounted hydraulic platform for applications where a high working height or lateral reach is required. Our equipment is suitable not only for high-level installation work, but also for various maintenance tasks such as high-level cleaning and inspection. The use of a skylift makes work faster. The lifting equipment will arrive at the location you ordered at the scheduled time, and is ready to start work.

All our skyifts are equipped with power sockets: no need to run cables and leads from a building to the skylift because you can get electricity directly from the platform, thus creating a clutter-free safe working environment.

A helping hand from professional

Nostojet lifting services

The diverse know-how of the our drivers helps the customer in a variety of tasks. We assist for example:

  • Window washing (high altitude washings)
  • Window maintenance at high altitudes
  • Real estate warranty repairs
  • Painting, such as painting of eaves
  • Washing walls with pressure washers
  • Flagpole maintenance
  • Inspection and cleaning of roof gutters and rainwater systems

Snow removal

The safest, and most efficient way, to remove snow from the roof, is from the platform of a skylift. We have vast experience, and expertise, in this area.

Tree felling

Tree felling even in the most in-accessible places.

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