NostoJet lifts up safely

Over 30 years of experience in rental of skylifts

Nostojet Oy is a Lahti-based company specializing in lifting people high places safely with skylifts. We rent our lifting equipment with professional drivers throughout Finland.

Nostojet skylifts

Our services are based on

  • Proudly committed staff
  • Service orientation
  • Regularly serviced superior lifting equipment

We are known for

  • Fast customer service
  • Agility and flexibility

Operational range

Our HQ is located in Lahti and our operating area is throughout Finland. Construction site audit

Construction site pre-survey

KAsk for a free site pre-survey if needed, and we will select the most suitable machine for the site.

Street permits

If necessary, we obtain street permits for work sites.

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Jussi Aatonen
Skylift orders and projects
+358 50 049 0240

Johanna Wärnhjelm (o.s. Kölli)
+358 50 547 5614