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NostoJet - specialized in lifting people higher

Maintenance of flagpoles

With a skylift there is no need move or adjust the flagpole when maintenance is required.

High quality, cutting edge equipment

Need to work in high places? Our high quality Skylifts will take you there - safely.
On call 24/7! You can contact us on 0500-490 240.

Snow removal

The safest, and most efficient way, to remove snow from the roof, is from the platform of a skylift. We have vast experience, and expertise, in this area.

Cleaning of roof gutters

We service the gutters of managed estates

Forget about power and extention leads

All our skyifts are equipped with power socket:
no need to pull cables and leads from a building to the skylift
because you can get electricity directly from the platform,
thus creating a clutter-free safe working environment.

Washing walls

We pressure wash walls and provide the necessary equipment for the work site.

Tree falling

We can fall tree, even in the most inaccessable places.

Truck mounted hydraulic platforms

Working platforms can hold several persons. The working cage can be hydraulically adjusted, therefore allowing more working space.

All our skylifts have safety harnesses

In order to guarantee a safe working environment
all our skylifts are provided with safety harnesses.

A helping hand

All our drivers/operators are available to assist with painting,
cleaning gutters, installing signage etc.

Need to work in high places? Our high quality Skylifts will take you there - safely.   

Working height, m

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